Tuesday, September 11, 2012

(Another) Autumn Wreath

About this time last year, Pinterest was full of super cute ideas for yarn wreaths. I tried my hand, using a trick I'd seen to buy foam piping from the hardware store in lieu of a styrofoam wreath form.

The final result looked great... for about five minutes. Practically overnight, the weight of the yarn and the flowers caused the foam to bend and lose it's shape. It went from a circle to an oval to a pathetic lump. So it got the boot... at least I thought it did. Until last week when I was looking through an upstairs closet and I saw that it had been saved. So with the autumn weather creeping in, I decided it was time to give this sad little guy a second chance at life.

It was time to rethink (or was it wreathink? baha!) my strategy though and find a better option for the wreath itself. I liked the idea of a chunkier shape, but couldn't decide if I wanted to stick with the yarny look. My mind was made up when I saw that the grapevine wreaths at the craft store cost a few bucks less than a foam form in a similar size. And the more I thought about it, the more I liked the look of the natural vines with the felt flowers. One 40% off coupon and a couple bucks later, and I was well on my way.

Last night (after the baby was fast asleep and it was safe to whip out a glue gun and scissors), I began to cut apart the old wreath to remove the flowers. It was a pretty quick and easy process. I laid them out on the new wreath in a few configurations before I decided something seemed off. I needed some brighter colors to break up the dark maroon and orange against the dark brown vines. Luckily there was a sheet of white felt in my stash, so I quick whipped up a few more flowers and added them to the bunch. It made a huge difference! I few big blobs of hot glue later, and it was finished!

Voila! One fabulous fall wreath, completed in less time than one Netflix episode of Psych! And for less than $5 total. I call that a win. Happy Fall Ya'll!