Meet Me!

Hi there, I'm Erin! Welcome to my blog, What Makes Home. I am the wife of the most wonderful man on the planet, and momma to a crazy toddler with a head full of curls.

We are your average 20-somethings, trying to figure out marriage, parenthood, and life while making a home for our family. Probably not-so-average, however, was our career decision to pursue full-time college campus ministry. That's right, our job is hanging out with college kids and telling them about Jesus. It's a pretty sweet deal. But the choice to live a life of ministry meant sacrificing my childhood dream of owning a house with a yard and a big laundry room...or so I thought!

After two years of working on our first college campus, God laid it on our hearts that we were to plant roots and make Blacksburg, VA our home. Though reluctant at first (I mean, there's not a lot going on around here in the New River Valley...) we moved forward with excitement for our new adventure. We found our sweet ranch home on a stroke of luck divine providence and signed the papers that made it ours in April of 2013.

But after just days of living in our new home, I realized that the dream of living in a perfect house would never be satisfying to my soul. Of course there would be higher bills, longer to-do lists, and endless housework-- but it's more than that. Our house is a gift from Jesus to be used for his glory. But it is not a substitute for his presence, nor a source of sweet joy that only he can provide.

So here we are... working one day at a time to honor our King and discover what really makes home. Of course this little slice of the internet is my place to catalog projects and share our lives with friends and family. But most of all, it's a place to remind me that home is not four walls with a roof and a laundry room. It's a living with the man I love, the God I serve, and whatever adventure we may journey on together.

PS: After giving blogging a shot years ago (and giving up soon thereafter), I returned with a new outlook on blogging, and some promises to my readers.