Thursday, September 5, 2013

Doors at last

I'll be honest... I've had the cabinet doors hung for about a week now. I took a couple hours while Bryan was at work last week to surprise him (thanks, Michael, for helping me get the tall ones!), and it's amazing what a difference it made! All of a sudden, the cramped galley kitchen feels like it's about a foot wider, and the orange haze from 1960s cabinets (illuminated by the steady hum of fluorescent tubes) is gone!

But despite my great excitement to have this seemingly significant milestone completed, I've been slow to share... because our kitchen is a mess. In the spirit of keeping it real, our whole house is actually a mess. But I confess that even the laziest blogger wants to impress people. Myself included. So I waited for a day when the dishes would be done, the counters wiped down, and perhaps even the floor to be swept.

That day never came.

So I give up on trying to impress you! And figure I'd rather you get to see all the hard work, even if it makes my mess public, because truthfully-- I am proud of my kitchen. Even when it's cluttered and sticky. Because the hours of planning and painting and wiring and plumbing have proven to me that you don't have to be an expert to be willing to try. To be adventurous. To even fail.

I also decided to (finally) get this post done because I just called the tile supplier and found out our backsplash tile has arrived. Fingers are crossed we can get it done this weekend, so that there will be an even more exciting reveal next week!

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