Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

There are lots of little things to catch up on around here... the refrigerator cabinet is nearly done, and the holidays are basically synonymous with crafts. But today is about enjoying family and great food and treasuring the things, big and small, that we recognize to be gifts in our lives.

I love Thanksgiving because it frees me up to just press pause for once. Who cares if the kitchen is in disarray, or the beds never got made this morning? Those pie dishes linger in case a passerby finds need of one last spoonful, just a swipe of whipped cream on the finger, or nibble of stray crust. The pillows that usually sit tidy atop my pin-straight duvet find their way to couches and floors. Bodies curled up under flannel blankets, drowsy with tryptophan, rooting for football teams and watching parades. Bodies that traveled from Boston, New York City, and Virginia Beach, to be in our home this Thanksgiving. Indeed, my floors are crumb-covered and there will be laundry for days... but today is about stopping. And thanking. And loving.

So a very happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones! Surely, there is much to be thankful for on any day. But it's a treasure to spend one day wholly devoted to gratitude. May you find space to put agendas and responsibilities aside, pausing to drink deeply of the blessings that fill your life and home.

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