Wednesday, June 8, 2011

And so it begins!

Confession: I am a blog junkie. I love reading about that $10 Goodwill bookshelf turned chic accessory. I drool over those recipes for savory homemade soups and adorable baked mini-treats. I swoon at that beautiful new knitting pattern or colorful quilt. The faithful blog world never fails to satisfy to get my creative juices flowing! But being someone with so many interests and hobbies for all-things-handmade, there's never been a place that gives me all that I love in one location. So, I've decided to start this blog as a way to catalogue projects of all kinds.

Ironically, as I'm starting a blog about making a place feel like home, my husband and I are living at his parents'. It's a temporary arrangement that has been a tremendous blessing for us as we prepare to make a big move in a couple of months. I'll admit that it has been a struggle to feel like I completely belong somewhere. I long for the day when we'll have our own rooms for decorating, our own pantry for stocking, and our own furniture to rearrange. But what I have found is that this time of transition is all part of our journey together as a family, and that home is what we make it.

So join me on my journey into the blogosphere! I'm excited to see what comes out of here as I chronicle the adventures and struggles of building a home as new wife.

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