Monday, June 13, 2011

Floor Plans

Well, I finished a rough floor plan of our townhouse! It's definitely not drawn to scale, but it's been helpful for me to visualize what kids of things we'll need to fill up the space. Like, since we only have our bedroom set, we'll need another bed to fill up one of the guest rooms, and probably a desk and some other office-y/craft studio furniture. You heard right, this girl's getting (at least half of) a craft room! Oh, I can hardly wait. Anyway...

Here's the downstairs:

If you look back at the photo of the house, you'll be able to see where the front door and sliding door on the side line up on the exterior. I didn't bother drawing out all the details of the kitchen, but the back wall is all counter space with the oven in the top center and refrigerator in the top right corner. The wall between the kitchen and dining room is a sort of half wall, with the sink and dishwasher on that side.

And here's upstairs. I'm still trying to decide which spare room will serve which function.

I probably shouldn't quit my job to become a floor-planner? architect? anytime soon. But it'll do!

P.S. We spent some time checking out curtain fabric this weekend. Check back to see some of our possible choices and let me know what you think!


  1. Bedroom #2 should be your crafts room since bedroom #1 is right next to the guest bath.