Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Hunt for Home

Yesterday marked an exciting day in our adventure as Mr. & Mrs. We signed the lease for our next home! As I mentioned on Day 1, Bryan and I are currently living with his parents (and grandparents too, actually). So with a moving day in mind, we set out Thursday to the town of Blacksburg, or residence-to-be, in hopes of finding the perfect home (well, rental). And miracle of all miracles, we actually settled on the very first place we visited!

This little townhouse is ours on August 1, and we plan to be there the next couple of years. It's a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with new wood floors and several updated features. Unfortunately, those updates do not include the outdated kitchen, but overall the place is great and totally suits our needs. Bryan and I have already started dreaming about furniture arrangements, curtains for the slider and windows in the dining and living rooms, shelving units for the pantry, and inspiration for the guest bedroom and home office. Obviously, the large AC unit in front is a little less than desirable, but I'm hoping a little TLC (flowers, mulch...) and a replacement for the Snoopy flag will spruce up the exterior.

I'm working on a rough sketch outline of the floor plan today, to help visualize where things ought to go and what we hope to buy before the move. I'll post those when I finish. Stay tuned for more big dreams at Casa de Worrall!

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