Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Presenting Abagail

After a month of knitting slowly but surely, the sweater I've been working on for a friend's new baby is finished and has been gifted!

This little darling was my entertainment for many hours on out 4,000 mile journey to the Rockies and back. I had to wait to post it to prevent her seeing it before she received it (a mistake I made this spring with the Clara Dress I made for my cousin...oops!)

This yarn was soft and wonderful- I would definitely use it again. It was a pretty easy pattern too (and free, gotta love that). I could definitely see myself making another one of these in the future. You can see more details about the sweater here on Ravelry.

PS- I have had a lot to share with you guys, and many more posts to complete and publish, but we still don't have internet at our house yet! yikes!

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