Monday, March 25, 2013

Ladybug First Birthday

Some might argue that a first birthday party is silly.

To them, I would say "yep, sure is!" ...but that won't stop me from doing it anyway! It's not every day your baby girl turns one. And I am not one to pass up the opportunity to go a little overboard on behalf of my sweet daughter.

Truthfully, I hadn't intended on going all-out for Annie's party. Our families were coming from out of town, for which we were exceptionally touched. It was only going to be an informal gathering of grandparents, aunts, and uncles with light fare and, of course, a smash cake. But as I began planning, the cuteness of it all got the better of me. And I totally became the mom that labored (in love!) for countless hours to throw a party that my little one will never remember.

Here's a glimpse into our Little Lady's first birthday:

The kitchen chalkboard got the birthday treatment

Garden-themed food, surrounded by little ladybugs crawling on the table

Festive oreo truffles (made with red candy melts and mini chocolate chips)

A tasty cake for the grownups, with chocolate grass and spotted "1"

The whole spread, complete with potted fruit flowers and tissue paper pompoms

Lunch was curried chicken salad on croissants, veggies and dip, potted fruit flowers, and "butterfly" pasta salad. We had oreo truffles, "ladybug spots" (black and red licorice bites), and almond cake with raspberry filling for dessert. The Birthday Girl enjoyed her own toddler-friendly, healthier cake.

Of course, Annie was totally showered in tons and tons of thoughtful gifts. Overall, it was a precious time to celebrate her first year with our families. I am so so thankful for this little ladybug, and I look forward to many more years of excessive party planning :)

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