Monday, April 8, 2013

While Mommy's Away

This week, we hit a major milestone in parenting... Mommy's first time away. My employer was hosting a conference for moms that I couldn't bear to miss, and I knew that both Annie and I were ready and able to spend a few days apart. With her first birthday under our belts, and weaning in the works, a 3-day trip was just what I needed to refresh my soul (and to detach Annie from nursing completely).

Now Daddy is an all-star with lots of love for his baby girl, and complete competence in the area of keeping her happy, fed, and relatively clean in the time I was to be gone. But I knew he would appreciate a little guidance in his first ever stay-cation as Mr. Mom. And frankly, I felt happier leaving behind some helpful tips as I left town. I whipped up this little printable to organize some meal suggestions, chores I hoped he'd accomplish, and the address of the conference center. It's blank, so I can even print off a few and keep them in the family command center for future use.

You can download and print it as well. It just might make that first time away a little easier for you, too :)

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