Saturday, August 10, 2013

Out of the kitchen...into the yard!

My totally wonderful in-laws were in town this weekend with the explicit intent of helping out at our new house.

Their mission: beautify the yard. 

My thoughts: God bless you!

You see... our yard is not unkempt per se, but it definitely needed work. A lot of work. There's the typical mowing and weed whacking that needs to happen. But then there were the unruly flower beds, overrun by weeds and clover. The shed, consumed by ivy (and housing a squirrel carcass-- barf). The hedges, in need of a good trim. And the cracked driveway, spotted with weeds and moss.

It was amazing what they were able to accomplish in just two days. Easily more than Bryan and I could have accomplished in several weekends. They mowed, edged, weeded, cleaned and organized the shed, chopped up fallen tree limbs, and spread mulch. And if that wasn't enough, they took nights to dust and clean inside the house, and used downtime to help us organize our garage. Seriously, it's like a new place around here!

Bryan & I added our own little contribution to the curb appeal beautification project. We hung that darling swing, borrowed from some friends who recently relocated to a porch-less home. We've already enjoyed an early morning swing or two.

So what do you think? Should I hire Bry's parents as my full-time gardeners or what?!

Thank you, Mom & Dad!

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