Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Kitchen Reno...I'm losing count

I think we might be on Day 15. But with our weeklong trip out of town, is it actually Day 8? Who knows...

To be honest, not much has changed since I last updated. At least not much that would show in photographs. Bryan the sandmaster has completed 23 of the 32 doors and drawer fronts. I finished painting all the insides of the cabinets. I painted all the shelves. And then I left town...

...but despite all my dreaming, the shelves did not reinstall themselves, nor did the food and utensils climb back into their homes. However, that week away did allow everything ample time to dry. So tonight after Annie went to bed, I got to work on cutting shelf liner and putting the food back where it belongs. And wouldn't you know! Like every other phase of this renovation, it's taking far longer than I anticipated :) But I am very excited to see things finally being moved out of the corner of the living room and back into the kitchen.

And I'll tell you what-- if there's one good thing that happens from moving everything out of your kitchen and back in again, it's purging. And learning what you have. Turns out I have 12 kinds of pasta. TWELVE. And a whole lot of candy.

So now we'll finish up restocking and then get started on staining. And the really big news is that our new countertop could be installed as soon as next week! We're waiting for the final call, but my fingers are crossed.

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