Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kitchen fail...

Tonight was a sad night for me in the kitchen. Allow me to explain.

For a few months now, I've been growing fresh herbs to cook with. One of these was basil, which I was eagerly waiting to use in a homemade pesto. I had finally decided tonight was the night, and researched a few different recipes.

I found this one at Allrecipes, and took note of the comments at the bottom with suggestions for changing the recipe a bit. I've always found the comments really helpful.

I excitedly measured and mixed up all my ingredients.

And after a few good pulses in the food processor, I stuck in a spoon to taste my pesto. Blegh. It was awful! I was so disappointed. I realized that the comment I'd decided to follow called for wayyy to much cheese in the recipe, and instead of having a nice green, soupy sauce, I had a mint green colored spread the consistency of mayonnaise. It was gross. But what's worse, it used up ALL of my precious basil plant. It'll be months before I would have enough to make a better version. I wanted to cry as I rinsed my concoction down the sink.

Then the thing that really killed me was having to serve tomato sauce from a jar on top of my pasta. I could just hear my Italian ancestors rolling over in their graves in agony.

But then I thought for a blessed am I that I have the resources at my disposal to throw away a whole batch of sauce, and still have plenty to eat? I realize that sounds corny, but it struck me how insanely privileged we are that I could be wasteful like that. And still have dinner. Truly, we are blessed.

...and the jarred sauce didn't taste that terrible after all.

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