Monday, July 11, 2011

Book Review: Family Linen

In the spirit of Goal #17, I wanted to share that I've finished my first book this month for leisure reading; Family Linen by Lee Smith. I'll be honest, I kind of randomly chose it out of the pile of 10 books Bryan and I have that aren't in storage right now-- I think it was a reading assignment in one of his college lit. classes.
Photo from Amazon.
Smith is a southern author, and the story takes place in Virginia-- which is pretty fun. I enjoyed reading about towns and roads that I've visited and traveled across, and the development of the characters was incredibly deep and well-planned. The storyline is heavily character-driven, and offers a lot of insight into southern culture and propriety, but there is a considerable lack of actual events, and I found the plot line to be slow. So, the book wasn't my favorite, but it kept me entertained enough to finish.

What have you been reading lately? Anything exciting? Or was your most recent choice one you just trudged through to finish? Anyone have suggestions for what I should devour next?


  1. I recently started a new series called Of Gods and Kings, I think, something like that. It's historical fiction about the Kings of Israel and has been really good. I decided to read some 'fun' books this summer instead of just practical ones, and these have given me some new insight into biblical history.

  2. That sounds really interesting, I think I'd like it!